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Scratch Sustainability Summit 2023

Coding for a cleaner ocean.

Learn more about the Scratch Sustainability Summit.

A coding challenge unlike any other.

The Scratch Sustainability Summit, also known as SSS, is a yearly coding summit hosted by the Applied Computing Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering students through coding, and Innova-Nation, an organization that aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in sustainability.


SSS is centered around using Scratch, a visual programming language, to help students conceptualize, design, and execute sustainability-themed games. Through SSS we aim to foster a global community of young impact makers and inspire Gen-Z coders to think creatively about environmental issues and to envision innovative solutions. Learn more here.


Join us online - October 20, 2023

SSS will be held virtually via Zoom, allowing participants from all around the world to join us. Discord will play a significant role in facilitating communication leading up to and after SSS. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Students must submit the following:

  •     Game Name

  •     Game Description

  •     Game Link


SSS will be eligible for students (studying between grades 5 - 9) or homeschooled equivalent students to participate. Participation is individual.

Summit Events

acf team.png
Game-Building Session

Get help from experienced ACF Scratch coaches

Mentor Talk

Liz Taylor
President, DOER Marine

2023 SSS Logo.png
Game Contest

Make an on-theme game and win prizes!

2023 Sponsors

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